Why You Need Plastics

As the world begins to reopen, we must be prepared to do things differently and look at our processes and procedures in a whole new light.

The food industry is one of the largest affected by this pandemic. Restaurateurs everywhere are asking themselves, “How are we going to move forward?” As more rules and regulations are put in place, they need to be prepared when customers return with things like new signage, menus, and gift cards.

MGX has the answer that will meet the demand for many of your applications – Unisyn, our versatile and durable synthetic paper.

Why You Need Unisyn as a…

Printer Providing Solutions to the Food Industry

  • Unisyn is engineered for broad compatibility across presses like conventional & UV offset, HP Indigo, UV Inkjet, and more.
  • Its superior ink adhesion improves rub and scuff resistance, allows for faster processing, and eliminates the need for any pre-priming.
  • Faster dry and cure times reduce ink setup time, processing times, and labor expenses.
  • Optimal color vibrancy and accuracy reduces waste and increases efficiency, helping you get it right the first time.

Restaurant Promoting Better Health and Sanitation Practices for Its Customers and Staff

  • Enhanced Durability – Tear, water, and chemical resistance
  • Sanitization Opportunities – Clean with soap and water to sanitize and reuse rather than discard and replace repeatedly

Contact MGX today, and talk to one of our sales reps about how Unisyn will serve you and your customers best.