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Xquisite – Onyx & Titanium!

 Many have come to love the bright white, easy-to-convert and superb laminate bond strength of the Xquisite Synthetic Paper for gift cards, key fobs and many other card products. While Xquisite Synthetic Paper meets the requirements for most card applications, there are situations where a customer wants even more durability, high heat resistance or absolute opacity for two-sided printing.  Masterpiece has expanded the Xquisite family with two products that meet unique specifications – Xquisite Titanium Polyester Synthetic Paper and Xquisite Onyx Light-Blocking Synthetic Paper.  These additions to the Xquisite family line insure that you will always have the right tools at your disposal for the unique requirements of any application you may encounter!

As the print demand for synthetic-based papers and plastics continues to grow, some applications call for extreme durability to withstand extreme conditions over the lifetime of a product.  That may mean years of wear and tear, the constant abuse of repeated in-and-outs of a wallet, or exposure to harsh chemicals, heat and UV conditions.  Regardless of the environment driving the need for durability, we have met those requirements with one simple solution:  Xquisite Titanium Polyester Synthetic Paper.  Whether it’s the incredible heat resistance needed for high heat applications, the superior chemical resistance needed for harsh environment tagging, or simply the ultimate in durability to hold up to the daily wear and tear on a public transit pass, Xquisite Titanium has the features you need to build the best card, tag or ID that will last a lifetime!  With the excellent printability and runability that you’ve come to expect from Xquisite synthetic papers and the durability of one of the greatest plastics made, there’s no harsh environment application you can’t tackle with Xquisite Titanium.

Not all applications require a lifetime of wear.  Sometimes the critical component that makes or breaks the success of a print job is the opacity of the sheet.  After all, who wants their cards to show through the back of their hand, their two-way sign to show on BOTH sides or their ID card to appear muddied because the dark print on the back shows through?  When opacity matters, think Xquisite Onyx Light-Blocking Synthetic Paper.  With the same great features of our standard Xquisite synthetic paper and the ability to block light transmission from one side to the other, Xquisite Onyx provides the best and most cost-effective option for creating truly opaque prints.  Looking to hop onto the rapidly-growing demand for personalized playing cards?  With Xquisite Onyx, you’ll only need to worry about your poker face giving away your cards.  Need that extra security layer for ID cards to prevent back lighting of a card?  No other substrate can compete with the opacity of Xquisite Onyx.

With the combined power of Xquisite, Xquisite Titanium and Xquisite Onyx Synthetic Papers, Masterpiece Graphix delivers the complete tool chest for the growing synthetic printing market.  Feel confident that you can deliver eye-catching prints, incredible durability and the highest quality cards using the Xquisite family of products.  Call our digital experts today and learn which option is the best for your application.  Remember, regardless of the end use, the answer is simply…Xquisite!