Xquisite Family of Synthetic Papers for Multiple Industry Needs

Masterpiece Graphix (MGX), the premier digital material manufacturer and treatment center, has released a new line of synthetic papers stocks to the digital print industry: Masterpiece Xquisite. The new Xquisite family of products will provide an exceptional print base for all markets and is being rolled out with four new varieties: Xquisite, XquisiteTitanium, XquisiteOnyx, and XquisitePlatinum. While the entire line was designed to address the full print market, each member of the Xquisite family was developed to tackle specific industry challenges.

So you’re in the card market, or any market for that matter, and you want something that is eye-catching, brilliant bright white, making your product outshine the rest. Xquisite, the flagship product in the new synthetic lineup, is exactly what you need. It serves to be a general purpose, multi-use synthetic paper. When combined with lamination, it fulfills the card and tag market as a rigid, brilliant bright white, economical material for the classic card application. The full Xquisite line with lamination construction replaces the traditional loyalty and ID card constructions with a brighter white, more cost-effective solution without sacrificing rigidity, print quality and lamination bond.

Beyond the card market, the brighter white, easy run-ability and superior print quality makes for a perfect option for menus, signage and a variety of other products where water and tear resistance is critical. You will find yourself asking why you didn’t get your hands on Xquisite sooner!

For applications in which additional durability and heat resistance is required, XquisiteTitanium fits the bill. Designed to tackle the toughest of projects, the improved durability, higher heat stability and chemical resistance creates the ideal material for harsh environments. It features a high chemical resistance, impact strength and its cost competitive.

XquisiteOnyx is perfect for light blocking applications such as playing cards and heavy coverage two-sided applications. XquisiteOnyx features all of the benefits of the original Xquisite with the additional benefit of being completely light blocking.

Certain applications require softer synthetic papers. Designed with a softer hand, XquisitePlatinum is perfect for applications where flexibility and heat resistance are key. XquisitePlatinum’s high tear resistance and easy handling make it a great solution for tear-resistant books, folded items and soft tags. In addition, XquisitePlatinum’s high heat stability allows it to compete with other heat stabilized synthetic products on the market.

Interested in learning more? For more information and a demonstration of how the Xquisite family of synthetic papers can change your business, please contact Masterpiece Graphix. Our team of Digital Materials Experts can help guide you to the Xquisite product that best fits your needs.