Exponential Growth is on the Menu at Creative Digital Printing

Spa and salon brochure produced by Creative Digital Printing on
Masterpiece Graphix synthetic paper.

Masterpiece Graphix Customer Case Study:  Las Vegas based Creative Digital Printing creates a lot more than just menus, however, this niche is currently a booming part of their business.

To consistently produce menus that exceed the expectations of every type of restaurant and bar environment, Creative Digital begins by choosing the right printing material. The shift to their current success in menu production started about eight years ago. At that time, Creative Digital was printing menus on paper. That all changed when a customer requested a synthetic menu.

New to printing on plastic, Creative Digital brought in synthetic paper samples from 15 different substrate companies for testing. They tested each sample for durability, toner adhesion and resistance to water – even going so far as to soak the samples for several hours in a staff member’s pool. The samples also had to be compatible with their Canon digital printing presses.

Bar and restaurant menus printed by Creative Digital on
Masterpiece Graphix synthetic paper.

These rigorous tests were only the beginning. Creative Digital provides more than just ordinary menu printing for their customers.
They create menus that stand out with unique die-cutting and folding, foil stamping, and high-intensity colors.

Most of the samples fell apart under these tests. However Masterpiece Graphix synthetic paper delivered on every requirement.

Today, Creative Digital doesn’t have any plans to stop pushing creative and finishing boundaries in menu production. When you speak with the CEO of Creative Digital, Eric Coskey, you can tell he has never met a menu challenge he couldn’t solve. He is also quick to emphasize that the most important part of the menu, besides the food and drink list, is the material you print it on.

Customers deserve the highest quality, and in menus that starts with a waterproof substrate,” explains Coskey. “The biggest threat to menus is moisture – from spills, cleaners, drink condensation, pools, and outdoor humidity.”

Promotional guitar picks for a concert venue produced by Creative Digital Printing on Masterpiece Graphix synthetic paper.

According to Coskey, many printers try to make menus waterproof by using paper and encapsulated lamination. This combination creates a product that is less durable and more expensive than synthetic paper.

“The menu is a huge part of the customer’s brand and it has to look great,” says Coskey. “Masterpiece Graphix provides us with a durable, high-quality, cost-effective menu substrate that allows us to keep more business in-house and drive growth.”

Creative Digital Printing’s commitment to quality is recognized by their customers. The largest share of their business is repeat customers.

Based in Las Vegas, family-owned Creative Digital Printing serves customers across the U.S. with digital, offset, and large-format printing. The company also provides variable messaging, a wide range of finishing options, and extensive tradeshow and convention support. Learn more at cdiprinting.com.