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Improving Direct Mail with Digital Printing

With the rise of online advertising, we are constantly bombarded wherever we go.  Email, Facebook, any site we visit has ads directly pointed at us.  So why bother with direct mail?

Marketing research firm Epsilon did a study in 2011 showing that “through economic turmoil, technology advances and channel proliferation, direct mail continues to deliver as consumers’ preferred means of receiving marketing messages from brands.”

The study revealed two important details :

  • 50% of U.S. consumers said they pay more attention to postal mail than email
  • 60% of U.S. consumers said they enjoy checking the mailbox for postal mail, highlighting an emotional connection

This means that when the consumer holds a printed mail piece in their hand, it’s something they have looked forward to, and something they forma connection with through the sense of touch.  So how does digital printing create this master piece that draws brand loyalty?

It begins with a material.  Direct mail pieces need to be durable enough to handle strenuous handling at the post office and convey the tone and personality of a company, as well as have a look that is eye catching.  Our Masterpiece Premium White Styrene and Masterpiece Synthetic Paper are great materials for digital printing that hold amazingly brilliant color and have excellent clarity.  For something holiday oriented or an application with pizzazz, our rigid vinyl PVC in gold and silver offers wonderful ink coverage and has high impact.  One of our newest materials is printable wood veneer!  It gives the ability to send a brilliant new substrate directly to your clients door!  This is made of real wood in birch or cherry and gives a vintage look with a modern twist.

Once you begin with any of these materials, the design you create for you application will stand out as unique.  Digital print also offers the convenience of variable data printing so your piece are targeted and personalized, giving you the edge.  It’s an interactive marketing method that is memorable; who wouldn’t show someone a piece of printed wood?  Use direct mail marketing to your best advantage with digital materials from Masterpiece Graphix to make your next direct mail piece a Masterpiece!

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