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Frustrated with crooked substrate sheets? How about a better option?

Digital press operators know how important it is that the substrates you are running are cut with precision so that the sheets are square and uniform in size. And despite the importance of square sheets, they often have to deal with the frustration of trying to run material that is crooked and not cut correctly.

Sheets that are not square not only cause problems on the press, they also disrupt finishing processes. Try mounting two sheets that are not the same size. It doesn’t go well.

To eliminate this issue for printers, Masterpiece Graphix offers precision high-definition cutting:

  • The highest tolerance and best squareness in the industry (+/= 1/64th of an inch or +/= 0.0156 of an inch)
  • Size: Up to 26 inches wide by 40 inches tall
  • Thickness: Up to 24 mil plastic

In addition to precision cutting, Masterpiece Graphix offers the following converting services for paper, plastic and pressure sensitive adhesive materials.

Sheeting Rolls (rolls cut down to sheets)

  • Servo cutter
  • Size: Up to 21 ¾” wide rolls, 30” outside diameter, any length
  • Thickness:  Almost any thickness

Resizing Rolls

  • Trim narrow web roll
  • Size: Up to 13” wide
  • Slitting/rewinding capabilities

Surface Treatment

  • Corona treatment of sheets and rolls
  • Plasma treatment of sheets and rolls
  • Chemical treatment priming

Counting and Tabbing

Shrink Wrapping

Skid packing and Boxing

For more information about converting services at Masterpiece Graphix, call 636-349-6401 or email us.