A Few Wine Label Options

Are you looking for a new and unique wine label material?

Unless a customer is a true wine connoisseur, most customers are attracted to wines because of the labels and designs. Wine label looks have moved from simple and traditional to complex designs with graphic elements and a much broader range of materials. According one article, the global market for the wine label has grown between 3-4% since 2011.   To launch a new brand of wine, one is going to need a cutting-edge wine label to draw the customers near.

One of the most common is ESTATE LABEL® Papers. This label is white laid, uncoated, and has wet strength and face stock characteristics. This material works well for glass, HDPE, LDPE, corrugated cardboard, and stainless steel.

CLASSIC® Linen Label Papers have a great tack and adhesion with a laid finish. This material is removable with minimum of 100o F water. This is going to create a more traditional and classic look.

Silver/ Gold Foil are metalized films that will draw attention to your label. This material is HP Indio-compatible and it can also be embossed. It offers intense durability, and brilliant color reproduction. Silver and Gold both have dull and bright finishes; dull has a matte finish and bright has a “mirror-like” finish.  These substrates are permanent adhesives and are ideal for general purpose labeling and adhering to a wide variety of packaging materials such as cardboard, glass, and metals. There are custom widths available up to 13”. Foil creates a modern and embellished look to the label.

Wood-FX is the newest way to create a unique and interesting look that is not only flashy, but modern. This material has two different finishes, birch or cherry and has thicknesses of 10pt and 16pt. Wood is usable for on offset or digital printers, and is made of 100% real non-chemically treated wood.

Any of these solutions will bring your application a professional finish with easy printability.  Whether a modern label or a more traditional one, these materials compliment many types of artwork and work with your customer for a great wine label and brand personality that’s eye catching from the shelf and will ultimately inspire a purchase.