Overlaminate Films

While a label may be eye catching and decorative, a label’s main use is likely to inform of use and safety. Labels must be durable so one is informed about safety and doesn’t sustain injuries.  Overlaminate films serve to protect a label, so there is no fading and the text does not disappear over time.  Polypropylene holds up extremely well in strenuous conditions and moisture that is caused by condensation and evaporation. This material is a film and not a coating, and it has an effective barrier that is resistant to scuffing. It will protect the label from the contents in the product.

Polyester film is a tougher film, it protects against many of the same things the polypropylene will, but it has a great resistance to moisture, chemicals, heat, and UV.

BOPP and PET both have exceptional strength that provides stability and durability to a label. This material gives the label added ‘body’ and enhances the appearance of the label.

MGX Polypropylene Self-Wound in matte and clear is an over-laminate that provides extra protection for labels. This material has excellent oil, acid and chemical resistance.  It is perfect for prime labels applications and has a beautiful glossy finish that protects from scratches. The matte is a soft non-glare finish, and ideal for a high end appearance.  This Self-Wound material works well for prime label, durable goods, automotive and on-product coupon, meat and cheese packaging.

MGX Clear Polyester Self-Wound is designed for digital printers.  It has excellent moisture, acid, chemical, oil, alkalis resistance. This material is great for indoor and outdoor labels because it protects from outdoor elements such as sunlight, weathering and aging. This Self-Wound is treated with a non-silicone release for a smooth and controlled unwind, and has an optically clear finish.

MGX also has a Clear Polyester Self-Wound that has an extra UV inhibitor. This is ideal for outdoor labels because it provides UV protection. This material has an ultra-aggressive adhesive designed for digital printers. This product works well in harder applications. Just like the other materials, it has an excellent resistance to chemicals, acid, oil and scuffing.  For other overlaminate films to protect your next application, contact us!